About Us

Health Theory is a wellness brand that was founded in a year of hope, 2021. The brand idealizes the concept that self-care should take precedence over everything. A better and healthier us, helps us to function at our optimal capabilities. We should strive to do our Best, every day.

Our team works relentlessly to bring you products that have been formulated in accordance to the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) .Our team firmly believes in manufacturing products with best quality sourced ingredients. Through our products we are committed to bring our customers honest products with a transparent detail of the ingredients.

We aim to help you give the daily self-care boosting required.
The Health Theory dietary supplements are way to help your body fulfil its daily nutritive requirements. We strongly suggest that all health supplements be complemented with a balanced daily meals and regular simple workouts.

We look forward to creating a relationship for lifetime with your trust in our products and our promise to deliver superior quality products always!